Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feel the (Bres)Love or Oy,Have I got a great Book for you

Me and my daughter were having a very late night snack in Burgers Bar about 1:00 AM, when who should walk in but none other than(cue horror movie music)"The Breslover Book Guy" (Shrecklach). Now, for those non-initiated persons, there used to be one guy years ago who did it all by his lonesome. There are now 2 fellows doing this. The 1st one has some personality at least, while the new guy is much too businesslike. For those of you who don't have a substantial library at home, the easiest way to solve that problem is to sit in J2 pizza for a few days and, Voila, you will get enogh Breslov publications to fill many a shelf(for a nominal donation of course). Well, getting back to our late night story, the(all business) guy comes over and begins his spiel. First he offers me the obligatory "Official Breslov Calendar". He then offers a Hebrew sefer which neither of us found to be too tempting. So, trying to steer things in a more productive direction, I ask if he has any books in English. BIG MISTAKE. He starts to look through his pile of pamphlets and digs out 2 pieces. He puts one in front of me and one in front of my daughter. I discover that he's given her one titled "Self Confidence" (which she has a surplus of), and me he's given "Get Well Soon" which is very accurate, given my sick sense of humor. Me and the daughter burst out laughing as the "Breslover Book Guy" goes on to his next "Victim".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

One very cool customer or Just another day on the river !!

Gotta love the security cam video of the jet landing in Midtown. As one joke making the rounds went, "Here at US Airways we have a new route, La Guardia to the Intrepid". The man deserves Time Magazine's Person of the Year Award on personality alone! Just this morning on the news, some guy who is president of a tax processing company offered his Innaugaration tickets to "Sully" (you know, wer'e all so chummy with the man now), as his way of showing gratitude for the fine job he did. Be interesting to see if Sully takes him up on it. Well, it's a few weeks late, but Merry X-Mas to the Media for getting such a juicy story to work on....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's in a Name? Alot it seems (In Israel)

In military organizations a mission is assigned a name (Usually generated at random by a computer e.g. Operation Thunderbolt before it was changed to Operation Yonatan in Netanyahu's memory). The present air raids and eventual incursion into Hamastaan was given the moniker Cast Lead, with the explanation given that it was based on a Dreidel made of lead, being that the timing of the onset of hostilities coincided with the end of Chanuka. Now, I don't know anyone in the Israeli MOD (Ministry of Defense), but someone seems to have quite a wry sense of humor. The image of lead in the shape of mini dreidels flying into Hamastaan makes me grin in spite of the seriousness of the situation. Here's hoping that all the soldiers come home safe after "Mision Accomplished". AMEN !!