Sunday, January 18, 2009

One very cool customer or Just another day on the river !!

Gotta love the security cam video of the jet landing in Midtown. As one joke making the rounds went, "Here at US Airways we have a new route, La Guardia to the Intrepid". The man deserves Time Magazine's Person of the Year Award on personality alone! Just this morning on the news, some guy who is president of a tax processing company offered his Innaugaration tickets to "Sully" (you know, wer'e all so chummy with the man now), as his way of showing gratitude for the fine job he did. Be interesting to see if Sully takes him up on it. Well, it's a few weeks late, but Merry X-Mas to the Media for getting such a juicy story to work on....


  1. My son is going to FL with his dad in a few weeks. Im always (more of) a basketcase when my son goes on a plane, and Im hoping this guy is going to be the pilot!

  2. Why do you think i always send along Tzedakah?
    You can never have enough backup...