Monday, February 16, 2009

Where has the Mentschlichkeit gone ?

This past Motzei Shabbos, I had the occasion to be in Boro Park and decided to go to Amnon's on 13th Avenue. Now, for those who haven't had the unique joy of driving thru the area lets say on a Monday morning, there's nothing like getting stuck in a traffic jam 3 blocks long on 15th Avenue, only to find out that it's being caused by Moishie double parking in front of Korns Bakery for some fresh rye bread while Chezkie decided to double park directly accross the street from him to buy his rye bread as well.

Getting back to Sat nite, I parked on the corner of 48th Street and 13th Avenue to go to Amnon's Pizza. As I'm leaving the car I'm assaulted by the sound of constant honking coming from a Minivan. In the van full of wife and kids is a Chasidishe driver holding a cell phone, yakking away on it, while his other hand is on the horn non-stop. The reason for him honking is an SUV letting out some people. Now, the people getting out looked to be Puerto Rican, but they definitely were not Jewish, the guy looks at the driver leaning on his horn and flips him the "Bird".

I don't know where Minivan guy was in such a rush to get to (maybe Mendelson's Pizza), but is it really worth the Chillul Hashem to honk like a maniac for the minute's difference in his schedule? These are the same guys who will also double park you in for all of alternate side (no note telling you where to find them), and G-D help you if you need to pull out during that time. It's time for all the Rabbayim in Boro Park and Flatbush to speak about decorum while driving and parking!!


  1. I hear Benard Madoff had good driving habits...

  2. Rabbis say many things about decorum, both in & out of shul,that a mispallel is not interested in hearing. Of course being a koisel davener would not have heard them :)

  3. If the rabbayim dont talk about abuse in the frum community, i highly doubt they'll talk about the bad driving habits in bp.......but one can hope i suppose........

  4. well the traffic would also be caused by the fact that it was presidents week and the schools had no transportation. I watched how they cars all came double, triple, mixed up parked along the street in front of the school building, to pick up their daughters.

    My father was saying how Boro Park driving is so different, its impossible. He said its because everyones in a rush, and its funny you said that too.

    It is definitely something that has to e worked on. By 9/11 I remember everyone was so nice, letting people pass. It's a shame it takes a tragedy to wake people up to be kind.

  5. LFD: I'm glad to see your'e working on the trait of "Finding (something) good in everyone"

    Saul: Somehow I still think that your Rav is in the minority when it comes to matters such as these ;-) (yeah, I know it's only a hunch because I'm a Koisel Davener... ;-) )

    Tr8erGirl: I know there are more important issues than Road Etiquette,but a peeve is still a peeve....Point well taken though about abuse and all the other serious problems out there...

    Jewish: The joke goes that every day in Boro Park is " Rush A'homa" , you know, that special holiday for the whole year.... ;-)

  6. (sorry - I didnt mean to bring down the mood of the post...I get carried away sometimes)

  7. If I can only tell you all the bad driving stories that have happened to me. Thats why I prefer mass transit or any other sort.

  8. Tr8erGirl: Hey, no way you brought it down, there's never a bad time to bring up IMPORTANT subjects such as you did! :-)

    Mike: MTA, Going your way.....I have no choice as my driving is work related

  9. DavenedByDeKoisel: lol, cute

    I like the MTA!

    I'm thinking about applying there for a job...